Eat Better Chocolate Project

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Hi, Josh here. I am proud to formally announce a project on which I have been working. The Eat Better Chocolate Project is a charitable organization, focused on assisting individuals in underserved communities to find employment and education in the food industry. We do this through active community engagement, monetary donations and grants.

Why Eat Better Chocolate? We firmly believe in doing the right thing. Undoubtedly, we want to use the best traceable ingredients and to create a work environment that is friendly and educational. However, that is not enough. Better chocolate does not end with the customers enjoyment but should endure through the positive impact that we have in our community. Each quarter, we will partner with an organization to give back. These organizations will be chosen by their impact on Josh Chocolates, our employees and our customers.

In our first quarter of contributions, we have teamed with The Jespy House, in South Orange, NJ. The Jespy House is an organization that makes a positive impact on its community through job training and coaching to adults with intellectual disabilities. I first met the Jespy House clients at the South Orange Farmers Market where they approached vendors with enthusiasm and kindness. In fact, our first employee is a Jespy House client and we are so proud to have Gordon on our team! Through December, contributions made to the Eat Better Chocolate Project will be donated to the Jespy House.

We invite you to donate in a few ways. By purchasing our products, 2% of the sale will automatically be donated. There will be an opportunity for a direct donation at any Josh Chocolates pop-up or market. Simply drop your change or Venmo to the box near the register. Finally, you may donate through a digital donation with the link below.

Thank you for your support!

To donate, click here!